Their ultimate omakase dinner is excellent with the best value in town Service is great too
The sushi was delicious and creative. The home made soy sauce was the best I’ve ever had. The fish is so fresh and the staff is great.
Amazing Sushi
My friends and I are craving for some Japanese food today. Actually there are quite a few Japanese restaurants around this area. But all others are quite busy, we decided to give this a try. And this place surprisingly served really high quality food. The best omakase in this area. Huge thank you to chef Ryan/Lin.
Last week I was in Flatbush Ave and looking for something to eat. I saw this newly opened sushi restaurant with Omakase style. As a big fan of it, I would like to give it a try. When I look at the menu, I was surprised that it is only 90 dollars for 15 pieces. As you know this is a pretty low price for Omakase so I did not expected too much. However, the next 2 hours I was totally stunned by the fresh fish and amazing sauces. The chef made the sushi perfectly and professionally. This place is a highly recommended sushi restaurant for Omakase lovers.
Was in the area on a Friday night and most of the restaurants were either packed or were places I have already tried. Stumbled upon Sushi Lin and they were pretty empty and my boyfriend really wanted omakase so we decided to stay. I have actually never tried omakase before but the chef there actually convinced me to try it for the first time. I must say, I was pretty surprised. We sat at the bar area so we were able to see most of the sushi being prepared and service from the chef was very attentive. I'm not a very big raw fish eater (aside from the basic salmon) but the chef was very accommodating to my preferences . I didn't memorize any names of the fishes that were served to me, but there was a very memorable salmon piece with thinly sliced torched tomato that was reallllly tasty and also a steam egg custard dish. Yes, pricing at this sushi store is slightly more expensive than the otheri stores around the area, but you get what you pay for. Even though it was my first time trying omakase, I knew that the quality of the fish I tried was a lot better compared to those around. They are in their soft opening stage so far hence the slow business, but don't be intimidated! I will be a returning customer and best of luck to Sushi Lin!
The food is superb, surprisingly delicious. The price is reasonable. Two/Three dollar sign. The staffs are very considerate. They made sure my cup was fill with tea, hands were clean for my next sushi piece and even offered to charge my iPhone because my batteries were low. Chef Lin is definitely a skillful sushi chef. He is very knowledgeable about his fishes. The overall presentation is two dumbs up. If you're a sushi buffet person, this isn't the place for you. But if you want to try some quality sushi, give Sushi Lin a chance. My friends and I came here for Omakase style; which means, we eat whatever the chef makes for us. I was definitely caught off guard a couple of times with how delightful the sushi was. I can't say and I won't say I'll eat here often but once a while is definitely a must.
Very fresh sushi. The chef treated us to some of the best sushi I've had on Flatbush
We gave this place a try, because the sushi place next door is too busy, and they Told us to wait for 45mins for the waitlist. So, i sat down at the sushi bar for their Full omakase. and chef Lin served us.. oh my God. I felt like in heaven. Piece by piece is served ( i'm afraid that its gonna be the last piece). I had about 16 or 17 different kind of dish , only for 100bucks.. guys.. trus me, this place is crazy good.. Highly & super recommended. And dont forget, ask for Chef Lin to serve you. He's great.
Surprised for the chef's Omakase menu Especially the king salmon is freaking awesome!!
We are really happy with the Omakase with Chef Ryan today. Chef Ryan is very professional and experienced. They got the freshest fish and ingredient for every dish. Because we were there for Omakase, Chef Ryan decided every dish for us. First, we started with miso soup with tofu, Japanese mushroom, and seaweed. Then all the magical things were going to happen. We literally didn't know what would be served to us. Chef Ryan served us all kind of sushi. Not just giving us a normal slice of fish on rice, Chef Ryan created an art work of sushi for us. We didn't take this meal like our normal sushi eat out. It was actually a great experience to enjoy the culture and chef's heart of making sushi. You might wonder what the menu would be. Trust me you won't be disappointed. Every single serve had given me a surprise. You will definitely get full at the end if you wonder. The toro hand roll and fired tomato over Salmon sushi are the best I think. I would like to thank Chef Ryan for everything he made tonight. It was great pleasure to have Chef Ryan serve us.